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Smooth wheel covers for the Prius

Its been a couple months, so the Prius was due some attention. I'm also the one driving the Prius on a daily basis now that me and my wife got new jobs (she wanted to go back to a more 'fun' manual trans car, the Paseo). So, this time around it got smooth wheel covers.

I went the route of pizza pan covers bolted to the trim rings on the Prius wheels. However, I didn't want fasteners sticking out of the smooth covers (dunno why, just wanted it that way), so I did something a little different.

First, I took the trim rings and drilled some holes in them for the attachment points.

Next, I screwed some rivet nuts to the back side of the trim ring. I then put a blob of JB weld on the backs of them and then set it down on the pizza pan while centering it.

After that cured, I put another layer of JB weld on top of it to secure things better.

The last thing I had to do was kind of a querky thing. I had washers that I put under the heads of the screws on the trim rings. To get everything to fit up nice, I had to grind pretty big flats on the washers to get them to clear the wheel when they are installed.

Overall, it worked out quite nice though.

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