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Question Mechanical newbie hurr.

I'm new to the Ecomodder forums, and albeit I'm practically dumb when it comes to cars, I yield a particular inclination towards mechanical endeavors-- especially when it saves MPG. As of now, I have a 2001 Automatic Kia Rio (huge mistake) and am trying to sell it for a 1995 or 1997 Honda Civic (according to, they get the best MPG). I've heard many people advocate a manual car, boasting how they "go faster and get better MPG." I'm not exactly sure why this would be so, but I'm consequently attempting to get a manual car. Are there any threads accentuating the basics of cars, particularly manual? As previously stated, I've limited knowledge of cars or anything having to do with cars. I'd like to know what, exactly, I need to look for in a car when I test drive it, or when I'm considering a purchase (is Vtech a bad thing? I see lots of those). But I guess this is a while away in any case, since I don't even know how to drive manual.
In any case, I hope that I can learn what needs to be learned so I may become an active practitioner in the forums.
Thanks for listening. :3 (They should add a cat-face in the smiley section-->)

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