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Your question on V-tec Honda's has a two sided answer because there are two versions of the V-tec engine in Honda's, the most common is found in the Civic SI, it is their performance engine and gives lousy mileage because it's tuned to rev higher, it is also a common engine for people to swap in to other civics, looking at ads you will see people say that it has a B16 or D16 or D18 engine, this is part of the engine model number and when someone is bragging about the "great stuff" they did to a car, it often time will rune the mileage and make the car harsh to drive, also alot of people think that 25mpg is great, so even if their car gets lousy mileage they will say it gets great mileage just as a selling point, but if they don't give you a solid number then they most likely don't know what it gets and just know they spend less on gas then they do driving a full size pickup truck.
The civics that do return good mileage are the Civic VX ('92-95) and the Civic HX ('96-2005 I think), if you don't know how to drive a manual transmission I suggest learning before you go look at cars that have them, otherwise there were some Civic HX's that had automatics but they wear out quicker then manuals, the Civic VX and HX also have a V-tec engine, but it is the V-tec-E and is tuned to run at lower revs (where it is for normal driving) and is tuned for better economy.
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