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Originally Posted by 93_VX_Guy View Post
Got everything installed, double and triple checked all my work. Started up no problem, no check engine light etc...

Only problem is, now the part throttle hesitation i was experiencing previously has gotten much worse. Car runs fine until it reaches operating temp then it bogs and forces you to give it much more gas than before. I can tell having to drive this way is going to kill my MPG for sure. It's almost as though the car won't operate in lean burn mode at all.

When i pulled the old 02 it was white if this helps any.

The car has:
correct timing
new OEM cap, wires, rotor
new NGK plugs,
new fuel pump,

My thoughts are that since the wideband setup is much more sensitive, it's amplifying the problem.

My next guess would be:
clogged EGR, (****ty mechanic said this was working fine last week)
faulty TPS,
faulty MAP


I just unplugged the MAP and test drove it. Idle was rough but the hesitation went away completely! Does this mean the MAP needs to be replaced or does it mean the real problem is just being masked because the car is now running in limp mode?
Never EVER drive around with a disconnected map sensor! You'll destroy your fuel economy and catalytic converter in short order! Do you have the helms service manual? If you follow the procedures in there, you should kinda be able to figure out things to try. Do you have a cracked exhaust manifold? Vacuum leaks? Cleaned the IACV? Cleaned ALL GROUNDS? When you're cleaning the grounds, do the bolts, washers, eyelets, threads with a wire brush. If there is paint on the chassis, don't scrape it off as the threads themselves are what's needed to conduct electricity. If you have an ohm meter (multimeter that can read ohms) try to get a reading from the O2 sensor to the battery and report back. Getting the ohm reading from the o2 sensor when the manifold is cold, warm and hot can also be useful.

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