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Originally Posted by QuantumBunnii View Post
What about a B20 swap? I don't really know what that is but there's a 1997 Honda Civic HX for $3,500 that I might consider. However, he says he's done a B20 Swap on it.
That a bad thing? What does it do?
first letter is the engine family, not sure how they choose it, and 2nd two numbers at least for Honda's relate to the engine size in liters, so the B20 is a 2.0 liter engine, basically if someone is saying that they did an engine swap on a car that you are looking at, stay away from it! because it will not get good mileage and they have hacked things apart and put them together in a way that no mechanic in their right mind will work on it without charging you extra.

The civic VX and HX are popular among people who think they are going to get in to racing because the body on those cars doesn't have alot of extra junk, so they are a lighter weight car (improves gas mileage) but having an engine that is tuned for good gas mileage is the other half of what makes the car as a whole unit get good mileage.
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