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I soooo own that! Get some rosin flux (not just any old flux). Let's start with a capacitor. brush a little on the 2 pads. take a toothpick and slide the capacitor so it sits on the 2 pads. put a little solder on your soldering iron. hold the capacitor down with the toothpick, right in the middle of capacitor. touch the soldered soldering iron to one of the pads/end of cap. take soldering iron away. Hopefully, you have a nice solder joint! Then get a bit more solder on the iron, and touch the other end of the cap. You won't need the toothpick then, because it's being held down nice from the first solder joint.

Hey, isn't that funny, that solder makes bad fumes, and it's called a solder joint, and it's illegal in california. haha.

For the little surface mount chip, I put rosin flux on all 8 tiny pads, and push the little chip on the pads. heck you can even put a tiny bit of flux on the legs after you move the chip on the pads. Then, put a little bit of solder on the iron, hold down the chip with the toothpick, and then touch one of the corner legs/pad with the iron. hopefully it's a pretty skinny tip! haha. make sure all the legs are on their respective pad before doing any others! after doing 2 legs, there's no easy way of going back! duh duh duhhhhhhhhh.
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