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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
If we are talking about heat energy then yes.
But if you are talking about doing psychical work then a gallon of gas is closer to 800-1000 pounds of battery power.
I'm not sure what kind of energy I'm talking about. Energy that is used out of the source ( gasoline and batteries) turned into motive force regardless of how much wasted heat is generated in the process.

I've heard that 800lb of lead acid to a gallon of gas analogy but how is that fair to the EV?

18 W/hr X 800 (pounds) = 14.4 Kw/hr pack. A gallon of gas=36.6 Kw/hr
so that battery pack is less than .4 gallon of gas and again that is at the
20 hour discharge rate!
So accounting for Peukert by discharging it in an hour and not 20 hours makes it .2 gallon of gas equivalent? Am I doing this right?

So if that EV can go 20 miles on this pack (.2 gallon equivalent) that would be a 100 mpg comparison.

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