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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I did a generator test yesterday where 8 fluid ounces of gasoline in a gas engine was turned into an approximately constant 1.6kW of electrical power for 15 minutes out of a DC motor (and was just burned up in humungus resistors).
Hey Paul!

Math is not my strong side but a quick google search told me that there is 128 fl oz. in a gallon so 128/8=16

36.6/16= 2.28 Kw/hr worth of gas you turned into .4 Kw/hr (1.6 Kw for 15 min=.4 kw/hr).

That would be about 18% eff? That is actually not bad for a gasser turning a DC motor. Must be a pretty decent DC motor you are using!

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