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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Thanks for these pics. That aero front bumper you made is perfectly cool. How did you make it? Must have required quite a shop, or are there techniques that bring it closer to the reach of those of us with fewer skills?
No problem, happy to share pics.
I used an OEM bumper and filled the fog light areas with "Great Stuff" expanding foam, then shaved them down with a hacksaw blade and used Fiberglass Resin to build it up and feather the edges. then lots and lots of sanding, then painting. Same thing happened for the middle grill. No shop involved, just sweat and tools. I eyeballed everything so it wasn't perfect by any means.

Originally Posted by hmong337 View Post
thanks tomo.

vx manifolds are near impossible to find. will a 96-00 dx/lx manifold work?
I know the 96-00 will bolt up since they have the same pattern to the head, but the oil dipstick on the VX might need to be pushed towards the block to make some room. The 96-00 Civics have their oil dipstick off towards the timing belt.

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