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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Because in a lot of cases the borders are rivers & lakes, which are handy for cooling water?
They are also convenient places to locate cities.

When you look at a squiggly state border in the US, it's not based on centuries of border disputes, but natural geography. I think there are four borders based on mountain ranges (WV, TN, KY, MT), and literally all the rest of the squiggly ones follow rivers.

Long, straight borders, anywhere in the world, happen when the people drawing the borders view the lands as being nearly completely empty.

Btw, Teleman, I hope you know that most of the world's rivers don't follow fault lines. Rivers are actually very short-lived, among geologic entities. They are wiped out by glaciation. After 10k years of flooding, meandering, and depositing silt, they may begin to cut a new path to the sea.

Do you know why endoheric basins only form in dry regions?
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