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That's if you used starter batteries for the basis of your calculation, which is not quite a valid conversion due to the fact that normally they would not take to deep cycling well. If you used a deep cycle battery with a higher amp-hour rating designed for traction applications such as the electric floor scrubber, high-lo's, electric carts/milk floats you can get closer to 72 watt/kg out of the battery rating and a lower peukert coefficient (k closer to 1.0 is better) but it still would take a lot of batteries especially if you wanted a 600km (375mi) range equivalent to say the standard 16 gallon fuel tank in a 1997 Ford Taurus for an example, if you replaced the engine with an electric machine and installed the required quantity of batteries the weight would be increased by 4559 kg, putting the overall weight at 6079.2 kg vs 1508kg for a standard Taurus

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