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Ok golf cart deep cycle battery 220 A/hr X 6 (V) =1320W/hr

1320/67lb= 19.7 W/hr a little better than the average 18 I came up with but clearly in the same ballpark as starting batteries.

And again that is at 20 hour discharge rate! And I imagine peukert bites them the same way as any lead acid but could be wrong.

Imagine if battery technology could match the energy density of gasoline and we
had a 36Kw/hr battery that weighed 7 lb! (or what ever a gallon of gas is)

Then we could say ok I've got 10 of these in my EV that's the same as a 10 gallon gas tank in a ICE vehicle. And the EV would have a 1200 mile range!

Ok I'm just dreaming.

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