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Parts your not planning to use from the zoombike kit?

Originally Posted by Christ View Post

So I just bought one of those...
To start with, the tank that comes in the kit isn't going to be used on the bike.
Are mods for these Chinese smokers all pretty much universal? I mean things like power chamber exhausts, etc.(END SNIP)
If your not going to use the stock gas tank or exhaust and the price doesn't hurt me too bad, I would like to purchase those for my home-made motorized Mt. bike? I may post it on this forum a little later this spring when I get back into it. I'm using a 5-groove flat belt drive with tensioner for clutch and have welded a second steel rim to the back wheel to use as the driven pulley! I got a verified Paypal and a gmail address under wcdysinger 8-P

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