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Originally Posted by 3dplane View Post
Imagine if battery technology could match the energy density of gasoline and we
had a 36Kw/hr battery that weighed 7 lb! (or what ever a gallon of gas is)...
Start with 35 lbs rather than 7 for the gallon of gas, because you have to carry both reactants around with you.

Then tell us exactly why you're doing the comparison against lead-acid batteries. I mean, to begin with, the stuff's about as heavy as, well, lead. If you're doing weight comparisons, it's not really a good idea to start with something that's a metaphor for heaviness, now is it?

Nor is lead particularly energetic, chemically. Look at a lump of lead: what's it do? Just sits there, like thy nuncle, no? (If you remember your Tolkien.) So why not use something that's a) light, and b) energetic, like for instance lithium?
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