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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
VERY nice work.

My problem: I'm stuck with some black ABS plastic to make a grille block.

Challenge #1: getting the correct arcs in the corners of the grille
Challenge #2: cutting the plastic without getting that rough "thready" edge. If I sand it, the edges become dull and the material is shiny. Prep and paint?

Maybe I need to move to a different material.


Well your first problem is easy, just make templates first to make exact shapes, use cardboard, construction paper,anything thicker than paper and form the template. Then trace it on the ABS and cut away.

Then I would paint the whole thing flat black, since with the sun, the unprotected plastic will dull anyhow. I wouldnt stress the looks to much since its for $$ savings and not a show car ...

Then get a bumper sticker that says .... "Don't like the way it looks? Donate now and support the cause" With a paypal address under it ... LOL
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