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Did you get that thing?
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Wow, lots of interest.. this might be a good sized order here.

Ok to answer some of the questions asked, and like I said, I completely agree with skepticism on forums so believe me, I take no offense. The only reason I don't want to list the company I work for on the forum is that, like John rightly guessed, I just work there and I will be giving you guys these units at dealer cost, which I'm pretty sure scangauge probably wouldn't like me doing and I don't want there to be any problems if my company wants to make a future order for retail at our storefront. This is basically a favor to those who want it... and a one time deal at that.

I will be going on vacation this week starting sunday the 4th and will be back to work on wed the 14th. I think I am going to set the deadline for tues the 13. This way I can transfer the money into the business account on wed. the 14th and as soon as it clears, make the order to scangauge.

Also like I said before, I'm not making any money on these so I'm not going to put up my own money to get them in any faster. This just started out as me trying to find 3 or more people to fill an order for a friend at work so this is not a business venture of any kind, just helping out a friend and some fellow ecomodders as well.

Ok, to re-cap.... Payment deadline will be Tuesday May 13 via paypal. I will send a pm to all those that have shown interest with my paypal account. I also have some skepticism and do not wish to publicly publish my pay-pal address. Any questions, feel free to ask here or send me a pm. I won't be checking my messages while on vacation so give me some time to respond.

Also as a side note, send me a pm instead of an e-mail. I never check my msn e-mails at the address linked to this site anymore.. kind of a boycott microsoft thing.

Oh and one more thing. Make sure the address linked to your pay-pal account is your shipping address. I will be shipping using your addresses on the pay-pal site for ease of shipping for me since this seems like it might be a big order. If you have any problems with this, let me know and we can go another way, but please try to make that happen for me, thanks.
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