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re: Palm, the palm has been mulled over (there's a waba and a palm thread here). I was really pushing for it early on but have changed my position. And yes, I thought much longer than I should have about a "raw" serial port connection I think I put some code in the opengauge sourceforge repository if you are curious, should have most of the building blocks for getting data from the serial port and displaying it/etc.
here it is:

re: OBD, cfg83 is chewing on a adaptation: , maybe you can combine forces if you want to get an obd solution going sooner? Let me know if you get a decent fuel consumption algorithm put together I've got an elm chip, but the more universal (and less expensive)injector and vss tap are more of a priority imho. And if someone teaches the arduino all the various obd protocols, I'd certainly be interested too.

Paul, nice to see you here I was really tempted by your serial lcd board when I was pulling my hair out over the LCD hookup

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