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Originally Posted by twelvevoltman View Post
I was figuring about half of the fuel usage at .1 gallons per hour. My car is a 4 cyl. 5 speed that idles at 650 rpm, so I would have to coast 606 times to save 1 gallon. It just doesn't seem worth it, especially on the shorter coasts. Where the coast is over 1 mile maybe.

I don't have a Scangauge. My car is OBD0.

I did achieve my goal of 40MPG this week. I took a slightly longer but not as hilly route to work.
If you don't have some sort of gauge that is calibrated, how do you come up with .1gph at idle?

I think that is closer to what you get with an original Insight.

My car is a 4cyl 6 speed that idles at 625 rpm and at idle burns .17 gph at 100F+ AIT.

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