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Welcome to ecomodder .

As always, the best start is to read the list of hypermiling tricks :
100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg -

and read up a bit about them in the appropriate forum.
Take a few of the tricks you feel comfortable with, and try them out on the street. When they've become a new habit, revisit the list and pick up a few more tricks.
This is very much a hands-on forum

You've already done trick
6) Join a fuel economy forum

Another tip is to start a fuel / modifications log and maintain it rigorously.

If you have a manual transmission car, coasting (even with the engine on) is something you should really try out.

Then there's the list of possible modifications to be done to the car
65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy -

The most common mods are increasing the tyre pressure, and fitting a grille block (can be done from the inside if you want to keep a clean look) and air dam.

The mods done range from mild, to wild - just search for AeroCivic
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