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run on fumes
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running on fumes - '98 Honda Civic HX
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Diving in with both feet

Hey Guys,

I'm Andre (Dre) and i'm new to the site. I just picked up a 1998 civic Hx, which i towed from Philly on Friday (the only one i could find in good condition within a hundred or so miles). I've owned civics before but never the Hx. I just got it and i already tore part of the front bumper off trying to get it off the car dolly in the rain.

Anyhow, i'm selling my trusty 2000 4runner and going a little greener. I've been reading a few threads here and i welcome any advice on getting the best out of my little beast.

I will add my car car to the garage and start logging my mpgs as soon as i get her on the road and get one of those ScanGauge things.


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