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There's a balance to strike

Ecomodding to me means using the minimal amount of fuel required to accomplish the mission. I spent $10K to get a vehicle that using "less fuel" for the weekly missions, thus reducing my monthy fuel costs by ~$250. Insurance costs me $25-30/mnth. I figure $200-$250/yr maintenance.

The secondary goal for me is saving dollars, of which I accomplish by having more fuel efficient vehicle. Fuel savings go back into stable yield investments.

4 year ownership, saving $225/mnth at $3.70/gal (now) results in a overall costs exactly the same as pumping gas into my HEMI RAM for 4 years, and does it on 35% the fuel. And, I still have the vehicle at the end of the 4 years worth something. Spent gas has no value.

48 x $225 = $10,800

As gas goes up, I'm making money. If cost are the same, take the route that uses less fuel overall.
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