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Originally Posted by GenKreton View Post
So once again, I ask for some advice What should I be doing about emergency equipment. For now I am interested in keeping things light and my newbish level of experience on the road has kept me from packing anything extra on. Should I carry patch kits, tubes, or small air pumps? How much should I worry about problems of those natures?
Here's a link to what a lot of folks are carrying. It's no fun walking 10 miles because you did not have a tube. You can go 5 months and not have a problem but just like in a car it happens at the worst possible time. Throwing a small seat pouch together is not going to make much difference on weight and you will sure be glad you have it when the chain breaks or you have a flat.

Sounds like the bike bag is the least of your worries Congratulations and good luck with the career choices.
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