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gutless wonder - '02 Saturn sl sohc
90 day: 40.17 mpg (US)

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belly pan thrash 2008

It was time to renew my inspection so I decided I put in fresh fluids, turn the front rotors and fix some nagging issues with the pan. I had one major advantage this time. I found a drive on lift to use for free.

I removed the side panels over a year ago and had yet to reinstall them. The issues I was having were as follows. I needed a radiator duct , 50% of the air through the grillblock was spilling under the radiator. No jack ports. NOISY, floppy aluminum down the center and unnecessary vent holes. BP frame striking roll front roll bar when jacked up. Duck taped extra vent in front. Wheel spoilers crumpled, and falling off. I added the typical unibody jack points plus one in the back under the center control arm mount. The radiator duck was cake to fab. I bought 3/16" polyboard for the main side panels and had some 28g steel to run down the center under the exhaust. Its much quieter now. The polyboard was 24.99 from oshleins and works great! I like it better than coroplast.

The pics were taken with a D rebel XTI. I borrowed this camera and obviously it was set to expose shots differently than my a410 in automatic mode.

As you can see from this picture the exit section of the pan is too severe an angle. I believe this why I don't see stronger results. I intend to fab a mild diffuser and a spoiler also. Along with tuff and coastdown testing eventually. As also believe that I need fences running inside the wheels to keep air from spilling out.

2002 Saturn SL
sohc + 5spd = 50mpg
mod pics see link below

Real men have wheel skirts.

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