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GEET Reactor

Has this one been explored here yet? I'm tentatively putting it in the Unicorn Corral, because it certainly looks too good to be true.

Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone - PESWiki

A quote from the inventor, Paul Pantone:
Here is how Paul described the technology in brief:

"GEET is a fuel-delivery system that modifies liquid fuels to a vapor stage, then it takes it to a plasma stage, which is a higher energy form, feeding new fuel with fresh air into the engine, burning clean and cool. I shouldn't say 'burning' because it implodes; it doesn't explode; and therefore it takes heat out of the engine to run, making the engine run cold."
Wow, that not only pegs the BS-O-meter; it blows the top clean off it! It may work, or it may not, but the inventor it seems does not have a clue about why or how.

So, should we start ridiculing it, or is a serious discussion possible?


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