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Originally Posted by Wayneburg View Post
Hi, Do Geo/Chevy Metros have 3 point seat belts or lap seat belts in the back seat?

I'm thinking about getting a Metro and taking out the back seat, but I still want to keep the seat belts because I want to be able to put 2 child car seats in the back.
Stage 1, 2 or 3 seats?

2 rear facing stage 1 (<16 pounds or 26 inches) should fit.

2 rear facing stage 2 (under 1 yo but >16 pounds or 26 inches) WON'T fit unless improperly installed. Even in our Elantra, which has more interior space than a corolla or an Acura TL, we need to push forward to the maximum, rendering in unusable, the front passenger seat for the rear facing stage 2 we put our 6 mo old in to be properly installed.

2 forward facing stage 2 or stage 3 seats should fit no problem though.

I guess my next question would be: Do child car seats have to be installed on a seat for them to be used safely?
Yes. That's how they are designed and are tested under those conditions.

BTW, if you are to use just one seat, you should never place it in the middle of the back seat as the universal anchor points are not designed for the seat to be used in this position (I don't know about using the 2 point seatbelt to secure the seat though). It should always be placed behind a front seat.
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