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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hi Geoff - Could be. The report states that the 1/18th die cast model was used in the water tank, but...

(Quoting Geoff again...)

I'm not clear on how the scale balance is set up. Can you explain it?

I'm guessing there's an actual scale to measure lift (which the student wasn't measuring for this test). For measuring drag force, is there a pivot on the rod holding the model (at the "floor" of the test area), and drag force is measured on the other side of the pivot point?

As it turns out, I tracked down the author and he got back to me yesterday. I'll ask, and If he gives permission to distribute the report, I'll make a digital copy (photos).
The "rod" could be a "sting." Texas Tech uses one from the tail of a military jet.The sting contains piezio (sp?) transducers which measure strain in six axis and their output can be interfaced with computer to measure real-time loads (ie. lift,drag,torsion).

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