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1999 was also before Ford, Toyota, GM and Chrysler got in the spitting match over who could build the biggest half-ton...
The 2011 "Half-ton" f-150 has a rated payload of over 3,000 pounds in some models, and can tow over 5 1/2 tons. Mine can tow 5 1/2 tons and has a rated payload of 1,962 pounds. The engine in the one I have puts out nearly the same torque as the 7.3 liter powerstroke in 1995. It's getting a little bit ridiculous at this point to keep calling them half tons.
They had to make the frame stronger (and heavier) to accomplish this insanity, so rather than open C channels like pickups had for years and years and years, the frame is now box shaped. Extremely tough - and extremely heavy.
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