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Originally Posted by War_Wagon View Post
The only thing I am worried about is the fact that I have to make a trip through the mountains every few months, and I don't know if an Insight just running on the 1.0L would be able to hack a climb like that.
Yes, it will - because even with a perfect battery, you'd run out of charge in about 2000 ft of climbing. The trick is to keep engine RPMs & load in a range where assist doesn't come on, otherwise with the standard IMA, once the battery is low it will tick on a bit of charging even when you want every bit of power for climbing. MIMA is a great help here.

I spent a couple of years driving across the Sierra via Calif 88 through Carson Pass (sea level to 8000+, and back to 4500 ft), and drive this road Nevada State Route 431 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a couple times a week on average, as well as other mountain roads around here.

PS: On an open highway, you'll probably want to run in 3rd while you're climbing. For best mpg, though, you want to keep the RPMs below about 3000, where the VTEC shift point is.
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