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Originally Posted by Hip001 View Post
is that part true, 70mpg? Who has been keeping these from the public??!!??!!

I do remember the inlaws having a Corola diesel and it was nice! I'm suspecting the MPG figure is Blown up! I love this when i see the statements of Mercedes 300d owners claiming 30+mpg too! I've owned two 300d's(1984 & 1985) and have yet to see more than 25mpg max! Same with some TDI owners listings!!
on your 300d,
did you have your injectors cleaned? did you regularly change filters? regularly change oil? once a year did you adjust your valves? In my 82 300d I regularly get mid 30's and have hit 40 before on long highway trips and its quite annoying when people argue my mpgs because they went out and bought a 300d and just expect without any mods or routine maintenance that they will get 40mpg- If you do nothing expect low to mid 20's if you do everything you should most likely you will be right up there with me.
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