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Originally Posted by GenKreton View Post
What size seat pouch do you need to fit all that?

Sometimes I ride with a small camelbak made more for mountain biking, so I can use that as a temporary place to store some things. I already to carry alan wrenches in it.

I really like the idea of the CO2 canisters over carrying a pump, too. I need to stop by my LBS to see what I can get together for this week. With this big trips I definitely don't want to have a problem and be stranded without cell service and a 20 mile walk through mountains.

I feel like such a newbie still, but I guess we all need to start somewhere.
Mine was a small, about the size of your fist. The thing that will take the most room is the tube. It's surprising how much stuff you can put in them. When you go to the LBS (local bike store) just pull one off the shelf and start stuffing stuff in there. If you ride with a jersey they have pockets in the back where you can carry stuff if you don't want a bike bag.
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