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Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post
Winware 16 Inch Aluminum Pizza Tray with Wide Rim
Sold by: TigerChef
Condition: new
Quantity: 5
$3.81 each
Item subtotal: $19.05

Size 16"

old walmart pans 16"

what you need to do is make a rim size chart, that's what changes
Yes, that changes too. However, I have gotten trays advertised as 15" in diameter, but are actually *slightly* different, maybe +-0.25". That makes sense to me because pizza pans are not a "hard science", they're ... pizza pans. They only have(?) to be internally consistent within their make/model of pizza pan sizes. In that situation the small difference can make the tray non-useable. Since aluminum pizza pans are mostly mail order, it can make ordering/returning/ordering again a PITA process.


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