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I do agree, current cruise controls are not as effective as they could be...

The worst part is when the car starts to go uphill first it loses some speed then the cruise OVER reacts, every single unit I have ever used does this, just some are worse than others.

But I'm not really sure how we'd address this issue...
How is the CC supposed to know about an approaching climb?
I think, however, possibly some type of digital level gauge could send 'angle of inclines' information to the CC... This of course would be affected by acceleration and deceleration but then if the CC is active this could be compensated for since our foot isn't doing it.

What I am getting at, is if the car is climbing the CC should at this point merely attempt to maintain speed (most CC's try to get back to the set speed even while still climbing)... Even if it has lost a few mph's it shouldn't try to regain this until things level out some at which point the CC could THEN regain the set speed.

A little smoother on the throttle, basically.

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