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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
This one is a little bigger than a Razor.

Mice had been nibbling on some of the wire insulation. I only saw one wire eaten straight through. I just stripped the two ends of that and twisted them together.

The scooter uses 2 x 12V / 12AH sealed lead-acid batteries. I pulled both out and tested them. Do you think 0.58V qualifies as dead on a 12V battery?
Even hooking them up in parallel to a Yellow Top, I was only able to get them as high as 7 volts.
Hey Ben,

I had some SLA batteries that were down to 2V total! I left them on a trickle charger for about a week. Happen to check last night and ITs taking a charge! So I started with 20 SLA batteries, tested them, though I had 9 junk ones. Now Ive charged them all up! all sitting above 12V.

So if you have more time then spare batteries, you might be able to get these back. Enough to play with them.

My 20 cells are just a test load for my charger so i dont really care about them.

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