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Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
Thats great but that still doesn't really prove anything. You're trying to make extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence. Good luck convincing anyone on any forum.
lol im not trying. i have done it. its there. and im not trying to convince anybody of anything or to do anything or to buy anything.

i just made this post to show that its been done. believe it or not, its done and as soon as someone understand the whole thing fully it will be a mystery to alot. im a pro tuner. only person can answer the tuning side of this video is another pro tuner. and as for the HHO side only a pro HHO person can answer those questions. for all who just want to cuss and say it don't work even thou you have NEVER seen a system like this or understand how it works feel free to cuss. i understand people like you, fear what you don't understand and hate what you cant conquer LOL i pity you.

videos coming today
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