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My fuel meter - first results...

I took my fuel meter out for a spin for the first time today. From what I gather, it's similar to the SuperMID I keep reading about. Right now I don't have a VSS signal hooked upto it, so it's just a fuel meter, but far more accurate than a Scangauge. Here are some features...

16-bit injector resolution
124Khz injector sampling rate
64-bit fuel table

Basically, what this means is that the gauge knows what your car is doing with every single droplet of fuel. Where the SG gives you details down to a tenth of a gallon, mine gives you more digits than you'd care to see. Also, since it's injector based, it reads correctly regardless of fuel ratio, lean burn, injector cutoff, etc.

Today, I wanted to figure out which fuel ratio would yield the best MPG for my Cavalier (something the SG was useless at doing) and this is what I found...

14.7:1 - 37.834 MPG
15.9:1 - 38.437 MPG
16.3:1 - 39.705 MPG
17.4:1 - 35.423 MPG

I'll have to do some more testing to fine tune the ratio even further. Best MPG ratio is definietly lean of stoich, but I can't run as lean as a Civic HX/VX with the same results.

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