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Originally Posted by LmidgitD View Post
I did have a question for you. Have you even though about having the coolant temp readout on the SG and having the fan on a switch? This way you can manually control the temperature when needed, or would that just be a PITA?
Lots of guys wire up their E-fans in just that way. I honestly considered it, but figured the first time I borrowed my truck out somebody would fry it. The fan doesn't kick on for no reason (its hot!), so I left well enough alone. I wired mine in myself, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Am still considering a speed cut out for it where if I get above 20 it shuts off, but it hardly seems worth the effort.

My S-10 has way more cooling capacity then it could ever use with the fan running all the time (a common approach taken on

My ex-wifes zx3 hatchback focus kept blowing fan relays, so we did wire that 1 up direct with a switch. She overheated the car during that summer (2005 no grill block). Car was never the same after that, and we ended up trading it for the zx2.

I would recomend just blocking the grill enough so that fan kicks on with the same frequency it did before. Warm up times will still be quicker and drag will still be reduced, but you won't have to worry if you borrow the car out. Good luck man.
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