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From what I see, the MPGuino is supposed to be an open-source alternative to the SG. It looks like the project is being written in C.

My project runs on the same family of hardware (AVR), but I'm writing in pure assembler. C is my choice for doing stuff with Linux, but on a platform like this, I prefer to have absolute control whenever I can get it. If my code is tight enough, I think it should run fine on an ATTiny.

I wrote the display routines a few days ago, and just recently, a 32-bit division routine that came in handy.

The display is about 5% smaller than the SG's, but much brighter and easier to read with bright text.

Unlike the MPGuino project, I'm not going to open-source this one. Also, I have no interest in cloning the ScanGauge. Honestly, at $170, it's not ball-bustingly expensive. I bought one myself, but it's not a good option for hypermilers, it's merely the best we have. It's wonderful for real-time engine stats and clearing codes, but it just isn't accurate for fuel consumption. It cannot give accurate feedback because it doesn't know anything about special fuel-saving modes. The scangauge is to hypermilers what the G-Tech is to racers. Anything less than injector input is a crap shoot.

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