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Glad to know we have a few zx2's on this forum that I can borrow ideas from. My scangauge should be here today or tomorrow. Once it comes I'll be able to monitor how often the fan comes on via the coolant sensor, but I'm more excited to start altering my driving habits. So far it looks like I'm on the way to 35-36mpg using (albeit) subpar driving techniques and the 5.6k resistor. After I get a baseline for the car, I'll block the grill and put the front lip on and see the changes in coolant and mpg. From there I'll decide what the next mod on the list will be.

I know a few of the zx2 guys run a 195 thermostat, do you find that the fan runs a lot more using that temperature? I only ask because when I bought the car the lady had a 165(!) thermostat in the car. I could never wonder why the heater didn't work as well as I thought it should. lol
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