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Originally Posted by caper26 View Post
I am in Canada and buy fuel in liters. Any way that I can enter my info in liters and kms? Kinda pointless to join a site like this if I have to maually convert my data first...thanks.
Being from the old continent, I feel your pain, but there's no way to enter liters and kilometers in the ecomodder garage directly.

You can use the forum tools to convert units though:
Fuel economy conversions / calculator - have a multitude of unit conversions.
I most often use these to translate the units.
Like mileage :
Online Conversion - Fuel Consumption Conversion

I keep a fuel record at
MPG and Cost Calculator and Tracker -
which allows metric and US / Imp Gallons.
While I keep my record in metric, I can get some code to show MPG on a forum - see my signature.
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