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Originally Posted by comptiger5000 View Post
How can you do that to a Comanche? They're pretty rare. Certainly a cool project, but I'd hate to see it die that way
They are rare, and I love it, but in spite of having only 80k original miles and 5 speed, it lived in northern Vt, Stowe to be exact, and is very extensively rusted. I will be doing repairs, but it would be cost prohibitive to restore it to like new. Besides it will be treated very well, provided no one crashes into us, we will race it hard but be like proud parents when getting work done. I am removing the 4wd system and converting it into 2wd.

Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Good start. Like the general shape.

Minor quibble: You are too steep. Mine was. I went from the top of the cab to 1 inch above the tail gate. That was about 17 degrees. I had separation, so I ditched that cover and am moving to something different.

The best aerolids keep the angle to 12 degrees or less. That's about a 1-in-5 pitch. Raise your "tailgate" pipes up til you get a 1-in-5.
I was concerned with that but according to the book I read New Directions in Race Car Aerodynamics Designing For Speed, I am within spec as per my measurements.

But I might change that very end like you suggest, because I accidentally deviated from my original design, after realizing my mistake I decided to keep it to provide a pressure relief via that square portion at the end of the taper for any air that might sneak up in there as well as if I have the bedside window open.

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