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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
I was concerned with that but according to the book I read New Directions in Race Car Aerodynamics Designing For Speed, I am within spec as per my measurements.

But I might change that very end like you suggest, because I accidentally deviated from my original design, after realizing my mistake I decided to keep it to provide a pressure relief via that square portion at the end of the taper for any air that might sneak up in there as well as if I have the bedside window open.
Interesting project. Thanks for mentioning the book. I'd love to hear more about what it says about form specs.

If you have not already done so you can overlay Phil's streamline template. In side view it indicates if the top taper might be too soon using ground reflection symmetry based on max height. In top view it can indicate how quickly (if at all) you can round and taper the sides using the vertical symmetry plane of the truck for reflection based on max width. You just need good pix of your truck (long view and centered to minimize camera distortion) and some image overlay software (like GIMP - possibly).

Best of luck on the build and race. I look forward to following both.
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