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Originally Posted by dieselbeetle View Post
I just finished an experiment with my homemade Kammback. Made of cloroplast and packing tape, my design improved my fuel economy remarkably. Typically, my car averages around 38/39 city and 43ish Highway.

With the Kammback, I achieved 55.4 mpg.
Like jedi_sol wrote, a 33% increase is huge for a mod like this, so expect this gain to be watered down in everyday driving over an entire tank.

Then again, the Beetle's rear end is notoriously bad in the aerodynamic department. Everything and anything will likely help it

What transmission is in the Beetle - I'd guess an automatic ?
50+ averages should be in there for the manual version, but the auto (even DSG) will only work really well on the motorway.

Didn't the Beetle come with an on-board computer showing the mileage ?

A ScanGauge will work on diesels, but it's not a miracle solution for them.
I've found they get calibrated to one's driving style rather than to your actual fuel consumption.
Keep the same driving style, and it'll become very accurate with calibration.
Change your driving style, and it will be off ... until it gets calibrated to your new habits.
But if the Beetle didn't come with any FE display, a SG (or the cheaper ultragauge) will help you getting better FE.
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