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Originally Posted by groar View Post
Beware, it begins with only a test (mine was with cardboard) and a morning you find a chloroplast car in your driveway

You should consolidate the chloroplast as the gravity will make it bend.
This will be accentuated by fast speed for the top and side winds for the sides of your mod.
You should abuse strong tape and monitor it closely before the heat deteriorates it and so your mod flies away...

Does your mod always permits you to open your hatch ?
Please take a picture with the open hatch.

How much your mod reduces the rear view from the steering wheel ?
Please take a picture from inside.

Did you felt a difference under your right foot ?
I can definitively feel a difference with/without the rear wheel skirts, the car accelerates stronger and it's more difficult to keep it at a steady speed when the road isn't perfectly flat.

What about a rear wheel skirts test now ?

About the scangauge, I have 3 advices : buy it, buy it and buy it.

Have fun,

I WAS able to open my hatch. However, I have removed my kammback until my next road trip. I'll photograph it then for ya!

I am very happy with the amount of rear visibility. I'd estimate the kammback reduced it by only 10-15% if any at all. A picture from the inside is a great idea. I'll do this as well on my next road trip.

I'll be driving to Texas from Orlando the first week in June. I'll definitely be enclosing my results and many new pictures.
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