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Originally Posted by dieselbeetle View Post
I couldn't agree more, this would improve flow greatly. However, I ran into big problems because of the convex shape of the beetle's rear window. I'm mathematically perplexed.
If you look at the pic from behind, you'll see the top corners are near to or even outside the car's outline - that's where you could improve things a bit further.

If you loosen the connection between the vertical and horizontal panels at their corners, you can angle in the side panels.

If the curve gives a problem, make a straight score a bit above the curvature of the panel, and angle it in along that straight line.
The curve would still fit the rear window, and you get to angle in the sides.

The top panel will then automagically drop down towards the rear.
Don't make the top slope down too much - say 10-12 degrees - see if it's symmetrical left and right, fix temporarily, mark where the sides touch the top, and cut the top panels to shape.

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