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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
That air dam is GIANT! I'll also be very surprised to hear that you didn't scrape it .
Oh, belive me it scrapes! Eventually it won't be quite so giant as it will be ground down.

Terminal velocity coasting results are in and they're interesting.

So my testing hill starts at about a 3% grade for 1/2 mile then goes to a 6% grade for another 1/2 mile. I usually start by killing the engine at the top going 55mph. By the end of the 3% grade section I've usually slowed to 50mph. Terminal velocity at the end of the 6% grade section is just shy of 65mph.

Today I did the same run with the airdam on and got a surprising result. The terminal velocity at the bottom of the hill was 67mph. But the interesting part was that on the 3% grade section I did not slow down from 55mph.

I think the airdam is a keeper. I'll have some tinkering to do in the next few days to get the final form down.
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