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Well I started covering the sides, my intention was to use a single sheet and bend it where needed. Alone that prove too difficult so I cut the sheet in half so that the two sections would overlap at the vertical support. The most difficult thing was matching the contour of the side of the cab, which I did not do to my satisfaction, coupled with the fact that the wind shifted things as I was drilling the holes, so I will have to redo the side. But so far I think its coming out well. Went out for a quick spin and the droplets of water on the top showed attached flow.

I probably should have made the top more narrow so that the 4x8 sheet would be perfectly sized, now I will have to come up with a nice clean solution for that corner. I also could have made the whole structure a bit taller at the cab (it was I chopped it), but I think at least I erred on the safe side, had it been too tall there would be a good chance to catch air under there possibly ripping off the whole cover or at the very least making the Jeep very unstable and light at speed.
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