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Here's some of the problems you're going to face.

Early in office, President GW Bush signed a bill that defines what a bicycle is: a human powered vehicle with no more than 3 wheels.

Also included was a definition for a motorized bicycle: A bicycle with a motor of no greater than 750 watts electric or 2 horsepower and 50cc with an Internal Combustion Engine. And not to exceed 20 MPH.

Laws vary a lot from state to state and while some states care very little, other states wrote the President's definition into law.

For example, my home state of North Carolina follows the Federal definition to the letter which means that the Roades Car is illegal in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania is an even bigger nightmare. Pennsylvania requires you tag, insure and register motorized bicycles as you would a motorcycle.

Laws vary all over the nation. In North Carolina, a motorized bicycle is limited to 20 MPH unless you add DOT approved lighting. Then it's considered a moped and can legally go 30MPH.

Some states consider the Roades Car to be a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) and pretty much let you go anywhere except on freeways.

Other states don't allow NEVs and therefore do not allow Roades Cars to ne operated in their state.

As a motorized bicycle dealer here in NC. I looked seriously at the Rhodes Car and others like it but figured that since it is illegal here, I would have a very difficult time trying to sell them.

Laws vary a lot from state to state and in some states you'll have to haul your Roades car on a truck or risk having it impounded.
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