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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Being an unsafe driver is not going to get anyone else to slow down, I find alot of the time that I am better off drafting a semi truck then driving under the speed limit as the fuel used tends to be the same or even less, I get there faster and it helps to maintain focus on driving.
If you are the 55 MPH restriction on a 70 MPH road and you can not choose another road, then Ryland's advice is spot on. Pick up a drafting partner with a large frontal area and the rear end extending down close to the road and just follow them at a distance you are comfortable with. If you can do this in the right lane then you have an escape path is you see a large chunk of debris in the road. I like 3 stripes separation minimum.

In most 70 MPH zones traffic is moving at that speed and you are the cause of much disruption at 55. Sure it's legal but that doesn't make it the best choice or economical.

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