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Nah, we actually saved this Jeep, its next stop was going to be a junkyard. We drove 6hrs just to pick this one up in Stowe Vt. I was actually able to speak to all the owners of this Jeep right down to the original owner....he is responsible for letting it get this way....I am guessing it sat for a long time unused, explaining the low miles and new interior. Next owner bought it to restore until he saw just how bad it was, he told me he would be surprised if it lasted one more winter (it actually didnt, holes appeared in the floors, rear brakes were obliterated, front hub nearly fell off, brake lines all fell apart, rear brake cylinder went, CAS fork cracked, and now it needs a new t-case chain, seized lug nuts cracked the wheel studs, original wheels were so rotten they were unbalanceable)...he passed it to the guy we got it from who also wanted to restore it but also felt it was too far gone. My brother and I are very good with cars, and I happen to know a lot about XJ/MJ, also have spare parts from my XJ's and know what to do to fix them. That is the only reason this thing isn't sitting in a bone yard.

We are Jeep guys so racing a Jeep is proper (I have two XJs, my brother has an SRT8, dad has a GC Limited).....NAXJA original members know/hate me well, I was one of the original members and one of the few lifetime members till I had some issues with guys there. The Street and Performance forum there exists because of me.

I would never race a offense to Ranger owners, its just not my bag.

Removing the 4wd system will probably lighten the Jeep by at least 100lbs offsetting the roll-cage that is going to be installed. It will also enable us to lower the Jeep as low as possible.

I have had two offers on the 4wd system by other Comanche owners, so the setup wont be wasted.

While fuel efficiency it always good, my primary goals are stability, top speed, and down force.

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