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Originally Posted by meemooer View Post
don't see one.
Huh? wonder why they went with the Edge? you'd think the torsion bar brackets would hang down into the air on the bottom. Unless they painted everything, but i think they wasted money on painting the bumpers and Fender flares then.
Oh Fx, lose the fender flares, i'm sure that could help cut down on aero.
Looks like an edge but doubt it has much edge left.. and I plan to get rid of the flares..

Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
Running different sized wheels to generate downforce might be fine on a high speed run, but it will only increase drag in a fuel economy setting. Lowest drag should be achieved at an angle of attack of ~0.

I think an aerocap for the bed would be the most beneficial addition...I wonder why the rocket ranger didn't use one? All the other mods seem worthwhile (except the V8...).

- LostCause
So a level truck is best? no rake?

I might make an aerocap during the summer, looks simple enough..
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